Pilot operated hydraulic pressure control valve-Cartridge type. An oil filled cylinder which serves as cushion is situated in the flux path between connecting rod and slide.
Three phase disc brake asynchronous motor is a full-closed and self cooling axial magnetic field novel motor,and its stator and rotor are in disc shape. Therein,the rotor is euipped with disc-shaped stop ring.
About Us
  • SAFETY SYSTEMS was established in 2000 by dedicated, qualified and experienced engineers in technical collaboration with KLOEPFER’S – Germany.


  • SAFETY is a leading manufacture of technologically advanced, high quality Hydraulic Overload Protection Systems for upto 2000 Tons. Mechanical Presses.


  • Has Indigenous manufacturing strength with German Technology. With a ture pioneering sprit, Innovative ideas and above all emphasis on quality, the young company rapidly conquered the market and built a loyal customer base in India.


  • Since then about decades have passed, The little company has become one of the leading manufactures in the hydraulics industry, better known under the brand name



  • Has strength in providing excellent application support,Design/ Development of hydraulic overload protection systems, Jam release / Thread locking systems for Knockle Joint/ High speed presses and Quick Die change Systems


  • Today , most manufactures of Mechanical Presses have accepted SAFETY – KLOEPFER’S as their preferred partners for overload systems and accesseries


  • Retro fitment of all Kinds of Hydraulic overload systems / QDCS in Mechanical Presses.



  • We will strive to meet customer’s expectations by providing world class hydraulic overload protection systems and Services through our employee involvement and continual improvement.




  • Keep abreast with latest technology

  • Adhere to delivery commitment

  • Value customer ideas and relationship

  • Maintain reasonable Price levels.

  • Wealth of experience and understanding in various industry Sector.